A New Beginning

I’m very excited to be posting to my brand new blog. It even still has that new blog smell. Mmmmm.

I finally decided to start the blog for several reasons.

1. I need to begin building an audience for my novel Rex Appeal. My writer’s group is very encouraging about Rex, and I will be sharing the progress and any neat bits I think you’ll like. More on Rex in an upcoming blog.

2. I need to prove to myself that I can actually write. I’ve been struggling lately with actually finishing the first draft. I began Rex as a NaNoWriMo novel shortly after I began writing again after a 21-year-long hiatus from writing. I refuse to call it Writer’s Block. It was inertia plain and simple. But after reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, I knew I needed to take up the pen… er, keyboard… again. All was well until this March when I took a break from Rex. Now I find that I’m having borderline panic attacks whenever I think about sitting down to write at it again. I seem to be self-sabotaging myself. Well, I’m pulling myself together and have a new chapter begun. I hope to use the blogging to encourage myself and share with my friends in Write On Right Now.

3. But mostly I’m starting this blog now because I figured out how to get access to the Internet from home for a reasonable, librarian-friendly fee. I don’t have the funds to pay for broadband at home and can’t justify it when I sit in front of the Internet all day at work. So tethering it is. I’ll be able to upload my blog posts by using my iPhone as a personal hot spot. Technology is amazing, ain’t it?

So get ready. Here comes the blog.


About robindeffendall

My Work In Progress is a humorous paranormal thriller called Rex Appeal. Once Rex is completed, I'll return to Charmer, an epic fantasy also under construction. My alter egos include a kick ass librarian, and crafter, designing Fabrege style eggs. I live with four dogs, four cats and a near endless supply of fur balls.
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