Victory and PANIC!

I spent the day at Java Mill and Grill, drinking coffee and working on Rex Appeal. For the most part things went well. Joel and Damon took good care of my caffeine needs. I had a terrific Turkey Club that I had been craving for two weeks.

But my writing was just blah. For most of the day I bored myself nigh unto death. I was at the point of giving up for the day–literally moments from shutting down Ol’ Bess–when things started to happen. Suddenly the Muse took over and I actually had a good scene. Female Protagonist Amanda has used her noggin in a way I had not expected or planned.

And things happened.

So I’m quitting for the day. I’m planning to have some good things to work with tomorrow at the NaNoWriMo Write-In at Headquarters Library. (Note to self: get treats for the writers.)

But then Panic at the Disco! I checked my word count and I had lost more than 1500 words. OMG. Heart palpitations. I had just saved over my latest version with todays stuff. The stuff with that new good scene. How could I have LESS than I had before?

I recounted. I compiled it from Scrivener to Word. Sometimes that changes the count a bit. Never by 1500 WORDS! But it can change a bit. I crossed my fingers.

Oh no. That didn’t help. I look it over. All the important stuff is there. Every chapter as it should be. So WTF?

Finally it occurs to me that Scrivener is magic and keeps stuff in case you should lose 1500 words and panic and nearly go wailing through the coffee shop rending your garments and gnashing your teeth. Its smart that way.

What’s this? This right here?

Sigh of relief. I see in the trash where I had excised a couple of whole chapters and some other weird and likely-to-be-unused bits. There all sitting there in the Trash files, giggling at me and pointing. Well, that’s rude.

OK, sure. They had to go. But did they have to drop my count by that much? And did they have to mock me so?

Damn them all to Hell.

Rex, sic ’em.



About robindeffendall

My Work In Progress is a humorous paranormal thriller called Rex Appeal. Once Rex is completed, I'll return to Charmer, an epic fantasy also under construction. My alter egos include a kick ass librarian, and crafter, designing Fabrege style eggs. I live with four dogs, four cats and a near endless supply of fur balls.
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