Flash Fiction: Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle appears in the Shifters Anthology

Honeysuckle appears in the Shifters Anthology

I tried an experiment that I’m pretty proud of. It was written for an anthology that supports a humane organization. If you like it, consider picking up a copy. The image here links to Amazon.

The anthologist asked for flash fiction that was 250 words of less. I though it would be easy. HAH!

Here is what I ended up with. Two hundred and thirty-three words. But 233 of the very best words.

It appears in the Shifters anthology and will be reprinted in anthology my writers’ group will publish this fall. More on that later.


She plucked a honeysuckle and carefully pulled the stamen,
drawing out a golden drop. She touched it to her tongue and kissed Leon,
sharing the nectar. He responded with a low moan, almost a purr, and bit her
lip. From a second flower she fed a drop to him, applied others like perfume to
her skin. Leon lapped the sweetness from her neck, her wrists, her breasts and
his breathing grew rapid.

The honeysuckle and his lips overwhelmed her, too. She broke
away to recover then began to unbutton her blouse. Looking coyly over her
shoulder, she said, “I don’t normally do this kind of—”

Huge yellow eyes stared back at her, black-tipped tawny ears
pricked forward. A cougar, crouched ready to spring.

She fled.

The cat leapt, propelling her to the ground where it began
to rub its furred cheeks on her breast and to lick her face and arms. She was
trapped beneath as the beast writhed in ecstasy. Every time she freed a limb
from its embrace, it would pounce and pull her under again. She had lost

Finally the cougar fell into a drowsy stupor and she
escaped. At the top of the hill she turned and looking back she saw… Leon, his
eyes golden and a little sad.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I couldn’t help myself.

“You see, honeysuckle has the same effect as catnip.”


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My Work In Progress is a humorous paranormal thriller called Rex Appeal. Once Rex is completed, I'll return to Charmer, an epic fantasy also under construction. My alter egos include a kick ass librarian, and crafter, designing Fabrege style eggs. I live with four dogs, four cats and a near endless supply of fur balls.
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